The Hindu Vocabulary – 29-01-2018 : Important For Competitive Exams : SSC CGL, Bank PO/Clerk, IBPS PO-RRB, CSAT, CDS, NDA, AFCAT

The Hindu Vocab, The Hindu Vocabulary, English Vocabulary, One word substitution, idioms and phrases, antonyms and synonyms
  1. OMINOUS (ADJECTIVE):menacing, foreboding

Synonyms: dark , gloomy  ————> Antonyms: bright , cheerful

Example Sentence: Our attention was immediately drawn to the ominous warning signs of land mines.


  1. SKIRT (VERB):border; be on the edge.

Synonyms: bound, surround  ————> Antonyms: let go, center

Example Sentence: The dust skirted near the window panes.


  1. WAIVE (VERB):stop

Synonyms: let go, give up  ————> Antonyms: carry out, continue

Example Sentence: Government is thinking of waiving of import duty on life saving drugs.

  1. QUIP (NOUN):A clever remark

Synonyms: banter, gag   ————> Antonyms: praise, flattery

Example Sentence: She is quite intelligent and is in the habit of making quips.

  1. SETBACK (NOUN):Delay

Synonyms: hindrance, impediment     ————> Antonyms: assistance, aid

Example Sentence: I can’t handle more setback in production.

  1. AGILE (ADJECTIVE):nimble

Synonyms: cleverness, dexterity  ————> Antonyms: slow, sluggish

Example Sentence:  The police acted with agility and apprehended the robbers.

  1. JUXTAPOSITION (NOUN):the act of placing two things next to each other for implicit comparison.

Synonyms: nearness, proximity   ————> Antonyms: distance, remoteness

Example Sentence: The interior designer admired my juxtaposition of the yellow couch and green table


Synonyms: boring, banal   ————> Antonyms: interesting, active

Example Sentence:  He left for Mumbai because he got tired of jejune life in his home town.

  1. RAMIFY (VERB):branch

Synonyms: bifurcate, divulge   ————> Antonyms: abridge, combine

Example Sentence:  These plants ramify early and get to be very large.

  1. BEGUILE (VERB):cheat

Synonyms: delude, deceit   ————> Antonyms: loyal, be honest

Example Sentence:  Don’t be beguiled by the pleasant manners of hypocrites.


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