The Hindu Vocabulary – 25-01-2018 : Important For Competitive Exams : SSC CGL, Bank PO/Clerk, IBPS PO-RRB, CSAT, CDS, NDA, AFCAT

The Hindu Vocab, The Hindu Vocabulary, English Vocabulary, One word substitution, idioms and phrases, antonyms and synonyms

1.DISTORTION (NOUN): deformity

Synonyms:  bias, misuse           ————> Antonyms: clarity, perfection

Example Sentence: Private tuition is against the backdrop of a distortion that India’s school system must be prepared for.

  1. LITIGATION (NOUN):lawsuit

Synonyms: prosecution, legal action  ————> Antonyms: disputation, lawlessness  

Example Sentence: Our company wishes to avoid litigation.


  1. BACKDROP (ADJECTIVE):background

Synonyms: ground, scene       ————> Antonyms: foreground, center  

Example Sentence: Against this backdrop, Google appears.

  1. CONSENSUS (NOUN):general agreement

Synonyms: accord, consent  ————> Antonyms: misunderstand, confuse

Example Sentence: The scientists were unable to reach a consensus on the best way to isolate the bacteria.


Synonyms: amazing, phenomenal    ————> Antonyms: believable, common

Example Sentence: My parents are extraordinary people.

  1. NUDGE (VERB): a slight push

Synonyms: poke, prod  ————> Antonyms: emulate, pull

Example Sentence: He nudged my elbow when he saw his father enter the house.

  1. BOLSTER (VERB):support

Synonyms: strengthen, boost  ————> Antonyms: hinder, undermine     

Example Sentence: He bolstered up his claim with new evidence.

  1. CONUNDRUM (NOUN): problem

 Synonyms: difficulty, dilemma     ————> Antonyms: solution, key

Example Sentence: The result is a conundrum for the party where there is no clear middle ground.

  1. FILLIP (NOUN):stimulus

Synonyms: boost, encouragement   ————> Antonyms: deterrence, disincentive

Example Sentence: It was just a fillip to my enjoyment as I looked on and off my page alternately.

  1. ARTICULATE (NOUN): express  

Synonyms: communicate, announce    ————> Antonyms: inarticulate, mute  

Example Sentence: He failed to articulate an overall vision.


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