The Hindu Vocabulary – 23-01-2018 : Important For Competitive Exams : SSC CGL, Bank PO/Clerk, IBPS PO-RRB, CSAT, CDS, NDA, AFCAT

The Hindu Vocab, The Hindu Vocabulary, English Vocabulary, One word substitution, idioms and phrases, antonyms and synonyms

1.INEVITABLY (ADVERB): certain to happen

Synonyms:  necessarily, surely  ————> Antonyms: unnecessarily, questionably

Example Sentence: These legislators are liable for disqualification will inevitably invite legal scrutiny.

  1. MALICE(NOUN): desire to harm someone

Synonyms: animosity, antipathy ————> Antonyms: morality, respect

Example Sentence: Regardless of the charge of political malice, the correctness of the EC’s decision will be decided on legal grounds.


  1. CONTEND(VERB): struggle to difficulty

Synonyms: argue, resist ————> Antonyms: agree, abandon

Example Sentence: The posts, he contended was offices of profit.

  1. REMUNERATION (NOUN):money paid for work or a service

Synonyms: pay, wage  ————> Antonyms: debt, penalty

Example Sentence:  The parliamentary secretaries would not be eligible for any remuneration or perquisites.

  1. PECUNIARY (ADJECTIVE):financial, economic

Synonyms: monetary, budgeting ————> Antonyms: expensive, costly

Example Sentence: The posts that are capable of yielding pecuniary gains would be office of profit.

  1. ASSENT (NOUN):approval

Synonyms: acceptance, consent  ————> Antonyms: denial, dissent

Example Sentence: The President withheld assent to a law it passed without the LG’s nod.

  1. CONTENTIOUS (adjective):controversial

Synonyms: combative, antagonistic  ————> Antonyms: agreeable, fair

Example Sentence:  There is a contentious element in the National Medical Commission Bill 2017.

  1. PAUCITY(NOUN):  insufficient quantity

 Synonyms: deficiency, dearth  ————> Antonyms: sufficiency, affluence

Example Sentence:  The problem occurs due to the paucity of MBBS doctors.


Synonyms: biased, unequal  ————> Antonyms: impartial, fair

Example Sentence: Increasing burden of chronic diseases make health care inequitable.

  1. OSTENSIBLY(ADVERB): apparently

Synonyms: evidently, officially  ————> Antonyms: obscurely, improbably

Example Sentence:  Ostensibly the main objective of the report was to make a case for a better payroll reporting system in the country.


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