The Hindu Vocabulary – 18-01-2018 : Important For Competitive Exams : SSC CGL, Bank PO/Clerk, IBPS PO-RRB, CSAT, CDS, NDA, AFCAT

The Hindu Vocab, The Hindu Vocabulary, English Vocabulary, One word substitution, idioms and phrases, antonyms and synonyms

1.INHERENTLY (ADVERB): in a  characteristics way

Synonyms: naturally, genetically    —————> Antonyms: unusually, affectedly 

Example Sentence: The inherently dangerous nature of the bull-taming event is a major concern.


  1. ONLOOKER(NOUN): spectator

Synonyms: observer, viewer    —————> Antonyms: participant, player  

Example Sentence: Two onlookers have died in the space of two days in the Jallikattu events.

  1. ARENA(NOUN): an area surrounded by seating in which sports are held

Synonyms: field, ring    —————> Antonyms: sky, vault   

Example Sentence: The barricades separating the spectators from the arena were inadequate.


  1. INDUCT(VERB): allow into

Synonyms: invest, install   —————> Antonyms: close, reject

Example Sentence: With some of the events inducting more than 400 bulls and almost twice as many tamers are seen here.

  1. FOREFRONT(NOUN):the leading position

Synonyms: limelight, front —————> Antonyms: background, history  

Example Sentence: The AWBI was earlier in the forefront of mismanagement.

  1. SUBMISSION(NOUN): agreement

Synonyms: appeasement, capitulation —————> Antonyms: disagreement, resistance     

Example Sentence: The SC banned Jallikattu on the basis of submissions made by the AWBI.

  1. RAMPAGE(NOUN): riot

Synonyms: disturbance, frenzy  —————> Antonyms: calm, harmony   

Example Sentence: On a deadly rampage, a person killed an innocent man.

  1. INTENSIFY(VERB): aggravate

Synonyms: enhance, increase     —————> Antonyms: diminish, hinder     

Example Sentence: The PDS in Jharkhand is intensified by the NFSA.

  1. SIPHON(VERB): transfer illegally

Synonyms: transport, draw off  —————> Antonyms: conclude, finish    

Example Sentence: Those who failed the biometric test was siphoned off with abandon.

  1. FUME(VERB): rage

Synonyms: seethe, blow up    —————> Antonyms: be happy, be calm       

Example Sentence: The people of the town fumed against the government.


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