The Hindu Vocabulary – 16-01-2018 : Important For Competitive Exams : SSC CGL, Bank PO/Clerk, IBPS PO-RRB, CSAT, CDS, NDA, AFCAT

The Hindu Vocab, The Hindu Vocabulary, English Vocabulary, One word substitution, idioms and phrases, antonyms and synonyms
  1. CONTINGENCY (NOUN):eventuality

Synonyms: probability, exigency  —————> Antonyms: advantage, certainty

Example Sentence: Vast majority of people live without any safeguard against the normal contingencies of life.

  1. ERADICATE(VERB): destroy completely

Synonyms: abolish, expunge  —————> Antonyms: ratify, construct

Example Sentence: Public investment in social security is critical to eradicate poverty.


  1. GAUGE(NOUN): measure

Synonyms: criterion, exemplar  —————> Antonyms: extreme, estimate

Example Sentence: The researchers study the inter-state migration to gauge the effect of tax.

  1. LITIGANT(NOUN): a person involved in lawsuit

Synonyms: prisoner, suspect —————> Antonyms: detective, badge

Example Sentence: It is trite to say that the government is the biggest litigant in the country.

  1. DITHER(VERB):be indecisive

Synonyms: stammer, limp  —————> Antonyms: persist, continue

Example Sentence: The government dithered in enacting legislation.

  1. COERCE(VERB): persuade to do something by using force

Synonyms: intimidate, repress —————> Antonyms: allow, encourage

Example Sentence: Citizens were coerced into parting with private information.

  1. INVASIVE(ADJECTIVE): tending to spread very quickly and undesirably

Synonyms: interfering, prying —————> Antonyms: backward, reserved

Example Sentence: Enormously invasive powers to the state are required here.

  1. GORE(VERB): pierce with horn or tusk

Synonyms: carnage, slaughter —————> Antonyms: birth, create

Example Sentence: A spectator was gored to death by a bull.

  1. VERSATILE(ADJECTIVE):able to adapt different functions

Synonyms: skilled, conversant —————> Antonyms: inept, inflexible

Example Sentence: He is an amazing and versatile personality.

  1. CONSOLATION(NOUN): solace

Synonyms: compassion, assuagement —————> Antonyms: agitation, annoyance

Example Sentence: They have provided some consolation to the family.


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