SSC CGL General Awareness Questions Quiz 4 : For SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS and Other Competitive Exams

SSC CGL General Awareness Quiz 4

Want to Practice For General Awareness Questions ?? if yes, then you are at right place. As you know the best way to prepare for competitive exams is by regular practice with full dedication. From our Quiz questions set you can understand the latest pattern of  government exams. Our practice sets are fully based on latest pattern of Staff selection commission (SSC) exams.

These practice sets/mock tests/questions set are mixture of various subjects like Geography, History, Indian Polity, Economics, General Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), Science and Technology, Art and Culture, Sports and Environment.

Our Practice tests/Quizzes Useful for All Staff selection commission (SSC) exams : SSC CGL, CHSL (10+2), CPI (SI), MTS, Delhi Police, Constable exam etc.

Q 1. The atomic number of carbon is 6 and its atomic mass is How many are there protons in the nucleus of carbon ?
(a) 6
(b) 12
(c) 18
(d) Zero

Q 2. Who discovered the atom bomb?
(a) Madam Curie
(b) Pierre Curie
(c) Otto Hahn
(d) Albert Einstein

Q 3. Where was India’s first computer installed?
(a) Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
(b) Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
(c) Indian Iron& Steel Co. Ltd. Bumpur
(d) Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta

Q 4. The planet which has the highest surface temperature is
(a) Jupiter
(b) Earth
(c) Pluto
(d) Venus

Q 5. Which is the anticoagulant substance in blood?
(a) Fibrinogen
(b) Heparin
(c) Thrombin
(d) Globin

Q 6. DNA fingerprinting is used to identify the
(a) Parents
(b) Rapist
(c) Thieves
(d) All the above

Q 7. The most commonly used chemicals in the artificial rainmaking or cloud seeding are
(a) Silver Iodide (AgI)
(b) Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
(c) Dry Ice (Frozen CO2)
(d) All of the above

Q 8. The natural resource known as black gold is
(a) coal
(b) lead
(c) tin
(d) platinum

Q 9. How many types of recipients are there in an email system?
(a) Three
(b) Four
(c) One
(d) Two

Q 10. In a nuclear reactor one of the following is used as a fuel
(a) Coal
(b) Uranium
(c) Radium
(d) Diesel

Solution : 1. (a) 2. (c) 3. (d) 4. (d) 5. (b) 6. (d) 7. (a) 8. (a) 9. (a) 10. (b)


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