One Word Substitution Series : Theme Based Vocabulary : Personality Traits

Vocabulary plays an important role in Indian government exams. One word substitution, Antonyms, Synonymy, Idioms and Phrases, these topics are generally asked in Indian Government Exams. The List of Indian Government Exams is Given below. Having a good vocabulary will help you to improve your language level and become a more confident speaker of English. Vocabulary plays a very important role in daily life as well so lately it is essential to learn vocabulary (One word substitution, Antonyms, Synonymy, Idioms and Phrases).

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Exams – Combined Graduate Level Examination (SSC-CGL) , Combined Higher Secondary Level, 10+2 Examination (CHSL), Sub Inspector CPO (SI), Food Corporation of India (FCI) Examination, Stenographers Grade ‘C’ and ‘D’ Examination etc.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Exams – IAS (Indian Administrative Services) or Civil Services Examination, Combined Medical Services Examination, National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (NDA), Combined Defense Services Examination (CDS), Indian Forest Service (IAS), Indian Statistical Service Examination (ISS), Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination, AFCAT etc.

Banking Sector Exams Conducted By Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), State Bank Of India (SBI), Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Other Private Banks  – IBPS PO (Probationary Officer/ Management Trainee), IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B, National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD), ICICI PO Exams, IBPS SO (Specialist Officers)/ IT Officer Exam, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Common Written Examination for Regional Rural Banks (IBPS RRB Exams) etc.

Theme Based Vocabulary : Personality Traits

Saboteur – One who damages things

Stingy – One who tries to same money as far as possible/parsimonious/miser.

Pedantic – One who tries to sound more learned that others

Distraught – One who is extremely worried

Incorrigible – One who cannot be corrected/reformed

Stubborn – One who is not flexible in behavior/adamant

Reverend – One who deserves respect/venerable

Unpredictable – Whose behavior cannot be predicted

Hilarious – Funny in behavior

Eminent – Known and respected

Notorious – Known and disrespected

Diffident – One who lacks confidence

Ambivalent – Having mixed feelings

Ambivert – Neither too extrovert nor too introvert

Extrovert – One who shares his feelings with others

Introvert – One who shares his feelings with others

Introvert – One who does not share his feelings with others

Benevolent – Kind/benign

Capricious – Unpredictable/ eccentric

Heretical – Unorthodox

Psychotic – A person with mental disease in which he feels unreal things present around him

Misanthrope – One who hates mankind

Misogynist – One who hates women

Misogamist – One who hates marriage

Flamboyant – One who shows off/showy/ostentatious/pompous

Fastidious – Hard to please/finicky

Sadist – Sadist one who is happy inflicting pain on others

Malevolent – Showing ill will for others

Altruist – One who has regard for the welfare of others

Contrite – One who feels repentant for his misdeeds

Diffident – Not confident

Disdainful – Scornful/ with feelings of dislike

Effusive – Expressing excessive emotion

Garrulous – Talkative/loquacious

Gullible – One who can be fooled easily/Credulous

Impassive – Emotionless

Haughty – Supercilious/vain/arrogant

Impetuous – Rash/impulsive

Indolent – Lazy/slothful

Intrepid – Not afraid/dauntless/bold

Vindictive – Revengeful/unforgiving

Tactiturn – One who keeps quiet/ reticent/reserved

Unscrupulous – Immoral

Sanguine – optimistic/hopeful

Extravagant – Wasteful/prodigal

Modest – not showy

Industrious – Hard working/ diligent


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